Texas Program coming soon

Every year Electra Texas 6th graders do a Texas Program.We go to Austin Texas and San Antonio.We go in less than 3 weeks hope it is going to be fun.Mrs.Bigbie is our teacher it take 3 months to practice it is an hour long.I am scared we are gonna mess up during the play. But we will be okay.Well i really hope we will anyway.Last year it went good so i hope it is the same this year.It will be very very fun.We have had 2 people quit.So it can go either way here at this point.sO IF YOU HAVE ANY FAMILY MEMBERS IN san Antonio tell them to come to the front of the Alamo so they can see all of our hard work come together.We will also have a dress rehearsel here in Electra so tell people to come and watch us perform.I really hope we do good .Wish us luck.


the benchmark that we are doing in are class was easy.I lose reading class that is the class in witch we are doing are benchmark.It has always been a easy class for me plus are teacher is also very very awesome.She is also a 5th grade reading and writing teacher why in that class so easy.Why cant math be just like it…